Good news, lunatics! McLaren might be working on a special track-edition of the P1

Like the McLaren P1 but don’t think it’s fast or focused enough for you? Then you, sir or madam, are a lunatic.

But good news! Lunatic or not, McLaren would like some more of your money, and is prepared to build a special track edition of the P1 to get it.

Apparently several of the 375 customers to have purchased the mind-blowing super hybrid are asking for something a bit, well, a bit more. In fact, enough of them have demanded more that McLaren is listening, and is designing what it calls the ‘P1 Track’.

According to Autocar, this special edition will feature more extreme body work, a chassis and suspension locked out into the most extreme settings, and more power than the mere 903 horsepower of the standard car. Also, one minor detail: you won’t be able to drive it on the road. In fact, if reports are correct, you won’t even be able to take possession of the car.

Instead, as with the Ferrari FFX, McLaren will hold onto all the P1 Tracks. Drivers will get a chance to take them for a spin only at the sponsored track days. If this seems a little silly to you, then don’t worry; McLaren doesn’t care. In fact, McLaren will only be offering the P1 Track to people who have already purchased a P1.

If nothing else, though, the McLaren P1 Track should be very, very fast. So there’s that.