Forget condors; Mercedes-AMG’s GT3 race car has the world’s biggest wingspan

mercedes amg gt3 sketch 2

Mercedes-AMG has published a pair of teaser sketches that preview the track-only GT3. Designed to replace the SLS GT3 in FIA-sanctioned races, AMG’s next tire-roasting track car will be introduced early next month at the Geneva Motor Show.

The teaser sketches suggest that the GT3 will stand out from the stock 2016 GT on which it is based thanks to a number of aerodynamic add-ons including a large air duct integrated into the hood, deeper bumpers on both ends, a massive rear wing likely made out of carbon fiber and a wide air diffuser. Multi-spoke alloy wheels will add a finishing touch to the muscular look.

The GT3 is expected to weigh considerably less than the stock GT thanks to the widespread use of lightweight materials like carbon fiber and aluminum. Additionally, the cockpit will be stripped of every piece of equipment that is not essential on the track.

Mercedes has not revealed what lies under the GT3’s long hood.

The Mercedes-AMG GT3 will be fully unveiled online in the days leading up to its public debut at the Geneva Motor Show. Following its introduction, the GT3 will undergo extensive testing on Europe’s most unforgiving race tracks to ensure that it is ready to hit the track in early 2016.