Mercedes-Benz promises a ‘wagonized’ CLA Shooting Brake for everyone but the U.S.

mercedes benz promises a cla shooting brake for everyone but the u s

The CLA-Class wagon will be considered a shooting brake because it's technically a 'four-door coupe.'

Well it looks like today is Shooting Brake Wednesday, as Mercedes-Benz has confirmed that it will make a Shooting Brake version of its new CLA-Class.

Just earlier this morning, we reported that Callaway will be sending its Stingray-based Aerowagon shooting brake into production. Then we found a story about the Danish Police buying a CLS Shooting Brake as a patrol car.

Continuing the theme we have going today, we’re adding another Shooting Brake to our news coverage: the Mercedes-Benz CLA Shooting Brake will be going into production, according to Car and Driver.

For those unaware of what a shooting brake is; it’s essentially a two-door wagon. Think Volvo 1800ES or Ferrari FF.

Right now you’re likely scratching your head saying, “But Nick,” which is a funny thing to say to yourself, “the CLA has four doors.”

You’re right, my faithful reader; it does. There’s a hitch, though. Mercedes considers the CLA a four-door coupe, just like the aforementioned CLS. It has four doors but looks like a coupe. So a wagon CLA would, therefore, be a shooting brake. Make sense?

Oh silly Germans. Only they could get away with bending the rules like that.

Here’s the kicker. Will such a wondrous creation come to the States? Sadly, no. We will, however, receive the GLA, the CLA-based crossover. And that’s almost as good as an affordable German shooting brake, right?