Callaway confirms production of the Corvette Stingray Aerowagon conversion

callaway confirms production of the corvette stingray aerowagon conversion aeroewagon 1
Callaway has yet to confirm whether its $15,000 Aerowagon upgrade will fit a set of golfing sticks.

While Chevrolet is pulling the top off the new C7 Corvette Stingray to create Stingray Convertible, aftermarket Corvette tuner Callaway is putting extra roof back onto the already iconic American sports car.

Callaway confirmed today that it will be sending the contentious Aerowagon Concept shooting brake, based upon the standard hardtop Stingray, into a limited production.

Originally debuted as a concept last March, we had long been hoping this thing would come to fruition. And, thankfully, it will.

Callaway Aeroewagon 2

The exceptionally stylish addition to the backend of the all-new ‘Vette will cost $15,000 – not including the purchase price of the Stingray – plus an additional $1,500 for matching body color, according to CarBuzz.

Smartly, the Callaway canopy bolted to the back isn’t a shoddy afterthought. Instead, it’s a rather intricately designed carbon structure formed in the one-step Krämer Resin Transfer Molding (KRTM) process. Callaway claims the long top won’t affect the curb weight much so you don’t have to skimp on the cheeseburgers.

The result is a Stingray with an openable rear hatch that we can only hope is long or wide enough to support at least one satchel of golf sticks. If it doesn’t, what’s the point?

We know some of you will balk at the design. You’ll have to forgive us, though, because we really like it.

It stands to reason few people will opt for the upgrade, so the Aerowagon should be awfully rare a few years down the line. If you’re looking for a Stingray worth investing in as, well, an investment. We suggest the Callaway Aerowagon conversion.