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MINI ‘Boost’ concept looks like a Cooper roadster on steroids

Concept cars are curious creatures. They tend to point toward the future, toward the “what could be,” while at the same time trying to connect with the past and present. Or at least that is what they’re supposed to do.

That’s not so much the case with the MINI Boost concept.

Looking a lot like a cross between a puffed-out Lotus Exige and an Alfa Rome 4C, the MINI Boost concept is the brainchild of German designer Liviu Tudoran. But rather than harken back to anything that remotely looks like a Mini, Tudoran runs away with this one … far, far away.

In fact, the only thing remotely Mini-like is the good-ol Union Jack painted on the top.

Up front we see similar fingernail headlamps, reminiscent of Jaguar’s E-Type. A large radiator maw also houses two fog lamps.

To the side, blacked-out panels run up and down the door, which swallow the front haunches’ accent line. Both the front and rear haunches look extra wide, lending a more aggressive and athletic look to the Boost. And let’s not forget those scissor doors, which would be a first for Mini.

Around back, we find a staggered rear fascia with what appears to be hollowed-out tail lamps lined with LEDs, and a single, four-sided exhaust pipe.

But it’s the interior that’s really a trip. Both the steering wheel and speedometer are physically connected. The speedo sits inside a “cocoon” and is designed to turn with the steering wheel. But get this: the steering wheel is designed to rotate around a second axis. There’s the normal left to right movement we all know and love, but Tudoran has incorporated an up and down rotation as well.

According to notes written by Tudoran on the cabin pics, the added up and down movement would increase responsiveness. Whether that’s the case or not and just how it would work is not clear, I’ll just have to take his word for it.

In addition to a futuristic steering wheel and instrument cluster combo, the MINI Boost concept also sports a nifty HUD display. There’s also a neat adaptation of the large central circular display found on all modern MINIs, which I suppose adds another connection to modern MINI, albeit a very minor one.

There was no detail on might power the Boost, if it’s a hybrid or what.

Now, I’m not saying I don’t like the Boost concept; it’s got the look to get my motor running. It just looks nothing like any MINI that’s come before.

As a concept, that doesn’t fly with me. But if MINI were ever to consider producing the thing, I can’t say I’d object to a lightweight, Lotus-like roadster with big fat wheels and the sharp visuals you see here.

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