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Volkswagen will build a Tiguan sub-brand of crossovers, including a coupe and seven-seater

Volkswagen Tiguan GTE Active Tourer Concept
Volkswagen Tiguan GTE Active Tourer Concept
As Volkswagen limps back to health from its self-inflicted Dieselgate injury, the automaker has revealed some information about its upcoming model lineup plans.

It should be no surprise that a multi-billion dollar hit immediately forces a company to look for ways to revive its financial standing, and crossovers are pretty much printed money these days. To capitalize on the trend, Volkswagen plans to expand its Tiguan compact crossover family soon after the next generation arrives in dealerships this Spring.

AutoExpress conducted an interview with Volkswagen compact cars executive Jochen Bohle, who said that “we have plans for a whole Tiguan family over the next two to three years.” Bohle went on to confirm that the Tiguan name will be attached to each new derivative, meaning “it is almost like a brand in itself.”

A top of mind comparison to VW’s apparent plans for its Tiguan is Hyundai’s Genesis. Once just a model name, the Genesis brand has broken off to represent an entire luxury sub-brand. For Volkswagen, Tiguan likely means new, stylish, entry-level models that are tailored to the expressed interests of crossover buyers.

The first new version to market will be a larger, seven-seat version of the Tiguan, with 4.33 inches of added wheelbase, a longer rear overhang, and a wider track. In addition, a cross-coupe is in the works to rival Land Rover’s Range Rover Evoque, Mazda’s Koeru-based CX-4 (name not confirmed), BMW’s X4, and other upcoming offerings.

“It is a very exciting car, the coupe,” Bohle said, adding that, “it’s looking fantastic.” The coupe will ride on the standard Tiguan’s wheelbase, but with a more steeply-raked roofline and redesigned rear. Volkswagen plans to offer the coupe in all regions and will produce it in Wolfsburg.

Another model that might come down the pipeline is an off-road version, based on the GTE Active Tourer concept with a butched-up exterior and increased ride height.

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