Mr. Trump, your truck is ready: Dartz tricks out the already over-the-top Mercedes G63 AMG 6X6

Dartz Sahara G-oepard

It takes the lunacy of a Latvian to one-up the unhinged Germans at AMG.

Dartz, the armored vehicle manufacturer that produces vehicles like the Nagel Dakkar, has taken the Mercedes G63 AMG 6X6 and made it longer and more luxurious. What do they call this land monster? The Sahara G-eopard.

After extending the body, Dartz adds some bits to the interior, including: real gold and silver trim, a 3D TV, a Bang & Olufsen sound system and a climate control unit that works even when the engine isn’t running, according to MotorAuthority.

From there, buyers can add diamond to the interior trim and a set of 24-inch alloy rims, which have been dipped in gold. And for the Sheik who has everything, Dartz will also fit the G-oepard with an enclosed smoking room with Shisha pipes plated in – you guessed it – gold.

Smartly, Dartz has chosen to leave the twin-turbocharged AMG 5.5-liter V8 alone. So drivers will still enjoy 544 horsepower and 560 pound-feet of torque sent to all six wheels through a low-range, five-way locking differential with some 18.1 inches of ground clearance.

Our heads are still spinning after looking at this Latvian monstrosity. Why anyone would really consider this vehicle at all is a bit beyond us.  But we do suppose there are some off-road enthusiasts with way more money than sense. For them, then, this is a happy day.