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Munro Motor single passenger ebike tops out at 28 mph and infinite style points

Some motorcycles go fast and look pretty cool. Munro Motor‘s new ebike, the Munro 2.0, isn’t all that fast, topping out at 28 mph, as reported by TechCrunch, but if there is a powered two-wheeler on the planet that looks cooler than this Indian Motorcycles-inspired single-seater, please send photos.

Even the company name has a history. Burt Munro was a New Zealand motorcycle racer who set speed records at the Bonneville Salt Flats on his own, highly modified 1920 Indian. One record still stands: In 1967 Munro had an average two-way run speed of 184.087 mph with his then 47-year-old 950cc Indian (originally 600cc), which had an original top speed of 55 mph. That record still stands for under 1,000cc motorcycles.

But enough about history. Zack Wong, Chinese-based Munro Motor’s founder has a vision of people in Asia dumping highly polluting small motorbikes in favor of electric bikes. “As people become more and more environmentally conscious, people are changing their transport options,” Wong said. “It’s foreseeable that electric vehicles will be the mainstream in the vehicle market.”

The super-cool-looking Munro 2.0 uses a Bosch electric motor in the rear wheel, powered by one or two replaceable battery packs that fit behind panels on each side of the bike’s “engine.” Each battery pack is good for up to 30 miles of range, so two batteries mean a 60-mile range overall. Each battery pack also has a USB port so you can charge your cell phone while you ride.

You’ll note from the photos there are no pedals on the Munro 2.0 as you find on most mopeds. So no pedaling the Munro — if you run out of juice, you’ll have to push it. But you’ll look very cool with your feet on the foot pegs when you ride. If you need to stop while you’re in motion, there are two caliper brakes per wheel for that purpose. Front and back shock absorbers will prevent your spine from taking a beating as you cruise. To keep the e-bike looking shiny, all painted parts are coated with a UV-protected clear coat.

Munro sells the e-bike for $800 to $1,200 in China. When Munro starts shipping e-bikes to the U.S., hopefully by the end of April, the price in the States will be “above $1,700.”

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