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New Infiniti sports coupe aimed at Asia’s new young elites could sport 400hp hybrid powertrain

Infiniti Emerg-E

Despite having killed off its last hybrid sports car concept, the Emerg-e, Infiniti is still keen to have a flagship sports coupe with either a plug-in hybrid or extended range electric drivetrain at its core.

The il-fated Emerg-e was powered by 1.2-liter gasoline engine from Lotus paired to two electric motors. Combined, the powertrain produced a stout 402 horsepower. The drivetrain of the next Infiniti sports car could be similar.

Who does Infiniti see buying this partially electric sports car? Ideally, they’d be late 20-somethings with no more than one child, an interest in eco-friendliness, and some disposable income. Infiniti has specifically targeted Asia as an ideal market.

Nissan executive vice president Andy Palmer called these buyers, “little emperors -people who are used to getting what they want,” in an Autocar interview.

If you’re hoping Infiniti will borrow some drivetrain components from its mother corporation, Nissan, don’t hold your breath. A GT-R powered Infiniti sports care is unlikely as the GT-R is too noisy causes too much vibration for Infiniti’s taste.

Would you buy a flagship luxury partial-electric sports car from Infiniti? Tell us in the comments.

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