Next GMC vehicle isn’t just going to be a rebadged Chevy. Instead, it will be uniquely GMC

next gmc truck isnt just going rebadged chevy instead will uniquely 2015 canyon slt crew cab front three quarter 005

For a very long time, GMC vehicles have been nothing more than a mirror image of Chevy with some nicer kit. But now that might change, as GM reports that the GMC trucks division may be getting its own independent model.

The news came out following the release of the new Canyon pickup at the Detroit Auto Show. When a reporter from Automotive News asked whether consumers would ever have the opportunity to buy another independently developed GMC product, Reuss responded “Oh, yes, you will.”

This might seem like something of a turn around, as GM has attempted to focus on competing with fewer, better platforms. Even to the point of shutting down under-performing divisions like Pontiac.

Reuss was, however, quick to point out that while GM might be interested in creating an independent vehicle for GMC, it would not be returning to the bad old days where each division of GM operated largely independently, developing its own platforms and engines.   

So what sort of vehicle might we be seeing from GMC? It will almost certainly be a truck – or at least truck-based. It is unclear, however, just what sort of truck is in the works, or indeed whether it will be a completely new model or an import of a platform not currently sold in the United States.

GM has confirmed that it won’t be related to the GMC’s Granite crossover concept that debuted in 2010.

After what appears to be the truly impressive technical and design breakthroughs of the Canyon, I have to say I am excited at the prospect of a new GMC truck. It will be exciting for the return of the GMC brand as something other than simply re-badged Chevys with some different body panels.