Nissan’s GT-R torque-spins ornaments off a Christmas tree

When Christmas is over and you’re tired of cleaning up from your shedding tree, it’s time to take down all those beautiful, meticulously placed ornaments from its branches.

While it may have been fun to reminisce about how you acquired the decorations while unearthing them from their annual store bins, somehow, putting them away seems like such a chore.

Well, Nissan wants to make everyone’s lives a bit easier with the help of its halo sports car, the GT-R. How could a car help you carefully put away each ornament? Well … it can’t. But for those who just care about getting a job done, not how well it’s done, take notes from this video.

Strapped to the base of a Christmas tree by its light string, the Nissan GT-R unleashes its 545 horsepower and 463 pound-feet of torque upon the road via an all-wheel drive system, spinning the poor tree like a top. Predictably, the ornaments fly off with incredible velocity, all to the amusement of the father-figure who is piloting the car.

Job, done (except for clean-up).

Speaking of the GT-R, Nissan recently announced that there will be a refresh or two before the next generation Godzilla sports car arrives in 2020. To keep the circa 2007 sports car interesting, we can expect some styling tweaks and slightly boosted performance from the 3.8-liter, twin-turbocharged V6 engine, but the real dramatic work will come via a hybridized drivetrain, courtesy of Williams Engineering electric components for the new generation.

With well over 600 hp planned for the next GT-R, Nissan plans to move its sports car upmarket to compete with Acura’s new NSX and other $100,000-plus supercars. It won’t be all about acceleration and handling either, as design should advance considerably, inspired by Nissan’s Vision 2020 GT Concept.