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Nissan’s Juke RSnow doesn’t care if winter is coming or going

nissan juke rsnow details and photos trax 0101
Nissan’s Juke has always been the Rogue’s quirky younger sibling. The endearing crossover has also been the subject of some of Nissan’s most outrageous experiments, like getting the 545 horsepower GT-R shoved inside it just to see what the result would be. This time, Nissan tweeted an image of the perfect winter-equipped Juke that we’re sure everyone on the East coast wished they had this week.


Dubbed the Juke RSnow, it’s the latest crazy Juke-based Frankenstein’s monster to come out of Nissan’s “drunken bet” division. The car itself is a stock Juke Nismo RS, which is powered by a 215 horsepower turbocharged 1.6-liter four-cylinder with direct injection. This is mated to an Xtronic CVT with a sport mode setting. The bottom half is a track system that comes from American Track Truck, which simply swapped out the wheels for the tracks that they make compatible for regular vehicles.

According to Wired, the Juke RSnow was born into existence by an ice-driving Academy located in Lapland, Finland. Modding the Juke to fit the treads was a simple matter, with just a few bits of the front and rear fascia trimmed off to accommodate the bulk treads. Electronically, the torque vectoring system that the crossover usually implements for tighter turns on tarmac was recalibrated to work properly with the track system.

Don’t start calling dealerships just yet, though. As nice as it would be to be able to forever abolish snow day concerns, this isn’t going to show up on Nissan’s website any time soon. Those interested to upgrade their current 4×4 can simply get the track system for around $15,000 from American Track Truck.  Until then, bundle up, stay warm, and dream of the tank-tracked automotive future you’ll build in time for next year.

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