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Nissan wins the Internet, trolls Ferrari with a Nyan Cat-wrapped GT-R

Nyan Cat GT-R
What do Nyan Cat, Ferrari, Rob Ford, and Nissan have in common? Well, if you asked that question a week ago, the answer would be nothing. Today, however …

Professional bleeper and blooper Deadmau5 (aka Joel Zimmerman) recently made headlines by wrapping his Ferrari 458 with a ridiculous Nyan Cat design, one that features baby blue paint and a Pop Tart/feline hybrid flying through space.

Zimmerman made the social media rounds with his custom Italia, showcasing the car at the Gumball 3000 rally and driving around with a certain crack enthusiast mayor from Toronto.

Allegedly, Ferrari wasn’t too happy with the house artist’s rainbow-pooping image choices, and sent the musician a cease and desist letter. Ferrari’s official claim was that the ‘Purrari’s’ bespoke nameplates weren’t appropriate trademarks.

Nyan Cat 458

“Yeah it was mostly about the custom floor [mats] and the custom purrari badges,” Zimmerman said on Twitter. “I wonder if the jackass lawyer at @FerrariUSA who sent us a “cease and desist” letter over the purrari is un-butthurt now that I unwrapped.”

The artist seemed to take it well.

“Whatever. It’s just a normal ass 458 now. All good.”

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There’s at least one supercar manufacturer out there with a sense of humor, though. Nissan recently took to Twitter to offer Zimmerman a consolation prize in the form of a custom GT-R.

“Hey @deadmau5, heard what happened to your car. Good news? We found a replacement, ready right meow.”

Nyan Cat GT-R

The Nyan Cat-embroidered coupe is photoshopped, but don’t feel too bad for Zimmerman. The house artist is putting his 458 up for sale in favor of a McLaren 650S Spider, and Nissan recently sent him a loaner GTR to play with.

Not only did Nissan brilliantly troll Ferrari and win the Internet recently, it may have gained another high profile customer. Just leave the paint on this one alone, please.

(Photos via Theron Lane and Nissan)

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