Leaked GT-R NISMO specs reveal a car perfect for someone who hates having vertebrae

nissans gt r nismo perfect guy 200k blow hates vertebrae 1

Sometimes Monday can be a good day.

And thanks to leaked Nissan GT-R NISMO images and specs; today is going to be a very fine Monday indeed.

What you see above, and just below, are believed to be the leaked images of the hugely insane, hard and fast GT-R NISMO. That’s right; the GT-R can get more extreme.

What sets the NISMO apart from the standard GT-R? NISMO engineers bolted up a bigger turbocharger and re-worked the air intake and exhaust, adding 50 more horsepower and 27 more torques.

Then the NISMO men fitted 20-inch wheels and wrapped them in 255/40RF-20 Dunlop SP Sport Maxx GT tires, according to Autocar. These embiggened tires are said to improve grip like never before.

gt-r nismo 2

We don’t yet know for sure, but we believe the GT-R NISMO will also offer a ‘track pack’, which was designed by Formula One team Williams to improve Godzilla’s Nurburgring lap time.

Optional kit adds carbon fiber body panels and a new front splitter complimented by a new rear spoiler. Not only does this kit drop the curb weight of the car by 143 pounds, it also improves aerodynamics, which decreases drag. All told, the GT-R NISMO is said to lap the ‘Ring in less than 7min 10sec.

As for pricing, reports are a bit less exacting. Rumors peg the price tag of the GT-R NISMO at around $200,000, which is more than double the current asking price for the ‘regular’ GT-R.

Regardless, if you’re the kind of guy who has a large chunk of change lying around and hate having discs between your vertebrae, the GT-R NISMO is really the only car for you.

The official images and specs of the latest GT-R iteration should be revealed this week at the Tokyo Motor Show. So be sure to check back for more.