Office-K’s Ferrari 458 ‘Golden Shark’ is an illustration of automotive hyperbole

Like teddy bears? Japanese tuner Office-K has revealed its ‘Golden Shark’ rendition of the Ferrari 458 Spider, and if the styling is a bit much for you, you’ll at least have a new furry friend to ride with.

The modified drop-top trades the power and grace of traditional Italian styling for sharp lines and ornate caricatures, with a loud reflective wrap, WWII-esque shark tooth graphic, and of course, that cuddly mammal between the front seats.

The exterior wrap appears to be a two-stage process, with an underlying layer of galvanized steel providing the foundation for a gold/pearl flake topcoat. Quality craftsmanship aside, it looks like those stickers inside gumball machines at the arcade. But the cartoonish aesthetics don’t stop there.

High-contrast lines emphasize each section of the 458’s bodywork, akin to the texturing that makes games like Borderlands and The Walking Dead look so surreal.

The tuner has, however, mercifully left the bodywork around the Ferrari badges red.

If any of this is discouraging you, not to worry. There’s always that 4.5-liter, 562-horsepower V8 under the hood, the same one that allows the Spider to sprint to 60 mph in 3.4 seconds. That type of power just doesn’t get old. There are no dramatic visible mechanical modifications.

For added flare, the Golden Shark equips custom Forgiato wheels that are finished with pink rose gold. There’s also a carbon fiber rear wing and front splitter, as if the rest wasn’t overkill enough.

But hey, the teddy bear’s kinda cute.

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(Photos via Office-K)