Pagani plans a $2.79 Million Huayra Special Edition with removable aerodynamic pieces

Pagani’s Zonda and each of its special editions are sort of a running joke — each time a new edition comes out, it’s always the “final, final edition” … then a new one comes out a month or so later.

The Italian supercar manufacturer hasn’t treated its newer model, the Huayra, to the same endless string of special editions, but if the latest rumors are true, a special edition Huayra is on the way.

Autogespot is reporting a limited production Huayra SE will be built to celebrate the supercar’s 100th model unit. The “regular” Huayra costs $1.17 million, but the special edition will more than double that at $2.79 million. What do you get for all that extra dough?

First, a very rare car — only 20 units are planned for production. As for the vehicle itself, it will wear a track-focused bodykit with aerodynamic bits that can be added to the supercar before the owner takes it to the circuit. When the day at the races is over, the aero pieces can be removed for peace of mind when driving on public roads. Presumably, the owner would just give the pieces to his or her minions who are pursuing in a trailer (because that’s how the wealthy do track days, right?).

What makes this rumor a bit confusing is the fact that Pagani had reported the 100 Huayra models it had set for production had been sold out in February, with that number being limited by Pagani’s agreement with AMG for its twin-turbocharged 6.0-liter V12 engine.

If that bit of information was true, then Pagani must have extended its deal with AMG for the special edition Huayras. Chances are, the new agreement will also apply to the Huayra Roadster planned for release after the special edition coupe next year.

Looks like we’ll have to wait a bit longer for the “Zonda effect” to apply to future Huayras, but a $2.79 million special edition is a good start.

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