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10 opulent, powerful and stunning cars we can’t wait to see at Pebble Beach

The Pebble Beach Contours d’Elegance 2014 is one of the biggest automotive events of the year in the U.S. What began as a way for rich, old men to show off their immaculate car collections, has transformed into a fashionable, laid back auto show where the world’s most prestigious automakers come to show off their latest, greatest, and most beautiful cars. The event has countless classics, concepts, and champions to grab your eye. In no particular order, here are our picks for the ten best reasons to look forward to Pebble Beach’s Automotive Week.

1.) Jaguar Lightweight E-Type

Jaguar Lightweight E-Type

Jaguar Heritage’s Lightweight E-Type resurrection may steal the show this year, with an uncompromising blend of authenticity and pure automotive passion. The featherweight E-Type was built to the exact same specifications of 1963’s sports car, implementing the six unused chassis codes from the original 18-car run.

2.) Ferrari 458 Speciale Spider

Ferrari 458 Speciale

The long-awaited Spider version of Ferrari’s 458 Speciale will make an appearance at Pebble Beach, although it will only be present at a private event for ‘special’ clients. The 597-horsepower stunner is expected to be the fastest open-top vehicle in the Ferrari range.

3.) Lamborghini Huracan Super Trofeo

Lamborghini Huracan Super Trofeo

Lamborghini’s Huracan has just touched down and there’s already a new version. The race-inspired, hardcore Huracan Super Trofeo is expected to show up at Pebble Beach’s ‘The Quail’ motorsport event, boasting stouter suspension, a bare-bones interior, and an upgraded engine.

4.) McLaren P1 GTR

McLaren P1 GTR

For those who thought the 903-hp, supercar-shredding P1 wasn’t extreme enough; McLaren is bringing a race-inspired P1 GTR to Pebble Beach. It features an extremely aggressive, angular look, 986 hp, and a spoiler that will make Ferrari F40s jealous. Oh, and it costs $3.36 million.

5.) BMW i8 Concours d’Elegance Edition

BMW i8

The 362-hp, 113-mpg BMW i8 is already an exclusive way to get around, but BMW is taking it a step further with the Concours d’Elegance edition. The one-off hybrid wears exclusive Frozen Grey Metallic paint, laser headlights, and an interior dyed with plant extracts.

6.) Four Bespoke Aston Martins

Bespoke Aston Martin 

Four customized Astons are headed to Monterey, courtesy of the British manufacturer’s Q wing. The bespoke team consists of an Abor Orange Vanquish Coupe, a cowboy-themed Vanquish Volante, a DB9 with pink interior, and an Amethyst V12 Vantage S.

7.) McLaren P1 and 650S Custom

McLaren 650S Spider

Not satisfied with just one entry at Pebble Beach, McLaren is also shipping a tricked out P1 and 650S to the festival. McLaren Special Operations’ 650S spider rides on custom ten-spoke alloys and wears a Cerulean Blue paint job, while the P1 sports an orange-accented color scheme and a gold-lined engine bay.

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8.) Aston Martin DP-100 Concept and V12 Vantage S Roadster

Aston Martin DP-100

Another British company that can’t settle for one booth is Aston Martin, who is bringing its DP-100 Vision Gran Turismo Concept and brand new V12 Vantage S along for the ride. The 800-hp DP-100 will be shown in the flesh for the first time at the event, as will the Vantage, which is the fastest roadster in Aston Martin’s history.

9.) Bugatti Veyron Legend Ettore Edition

Bugatti Veyron Ettore

This gorgeous limited edition Veyron pays homage to Ettore Bugatti, the company’s founder. Its styling (and 41111 chassis code) are inspired by the legendary Type 41 Royale, and each of the three planned examples will cost around $3.1 million.

10.) Range Rover Sport SVR

Range Rover Sport SVR

Pebble Beach onlookers will be treated to a viewing the most powerful Land Rover product ever, the Range Rover Sport SVR. The Range’s 550-hp supercharged V8 recently propelled the SVR around the Nurburgring Nordschleife in just 8:14, making it the fastest SUV to ever do so.

(Header photo by Kimball Studios)

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