Pictures: Eccentric Italian biodesign guru Luigi Colani’s concept car collection

The Triennale Bovisa is featuring the Future is on Show in Milan – Colani, Biodesign Codex Show, the first retrospective exhibition of the works conceived by German-born Swiss Italian Luigi Colani, in Milan, Italy. More than a thousand works of art, projects, designs, prototypes, inventions, and life-size models created by the seminal industrial designer comprise the largest collection ever produced by a single artist without the help of computers and done entirely through his own hands.

Colani has often been labeled somewhat of an eco-design guru, a label made even more appropriate considering he was already championing the need to save energy, reduce consumption, and the use of alternative energy sources back in the 1960’s. Colani’s union of science, art, and nature has identified him as an early pioneer of biodesign.

With a comfortable 1,500m² outdoor space at the exhibition venue, a large selection of Colani’s concept and actualized car designs are triumphantly on display.

[Images Courtesy of DesignBoom]

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