Teslandia: Portland limo service adds Tesla Model S to luxury fleet

portland limo service adopts tesla model s as latest executive sedan burgondy
Tesla Model S

We Portlanders have a whole slew of ways to get around or lovely city. Aside from normal single-owner cars, we have several car sharing services, along with plenty of bike lanes. We also have a plethora of public transit, including, buses, light rail, street cars, and trams. Now, however, we have one new way of getting around: Tesla Model S limos.

That’s right. Back in July, the city of Portland officially granted Tesla Trips – a company that has been organizing road trips around the state in Teslas – Executive Sedan status. That means Tesla Trips is now operating as chauffeur service with a fleet of Tesla Model S.

Presently, Tesla Trips offers beer and wine tours as well as trips to and from Portland’s International Airport. While Tesla Trips website doesn’t list the rates for full winery tours, it does specify that a trip from downtown Portland to the airport for up to four passengers is only $40, which is fairly reasonable.

To the best of our knowledge, Tesla Trips executive car service is the first of its kind and a smart, new way forward for the executive sedan industry.

As I’ve traveled the country the last few years, I’ve spoken with limo drivers who lament the discontinuation of the Lincoln Town Car and the Ford Crown Victoria.

The robust, rear-drive sedans were the backbone of the limo industry for decades,  and many drivers don’t know what they’ll do when their car needs to be put out to pasture. Seems to me, aside from the sticker price, the Model S is the perfect car to take the reins.