The pros and cons of self driving cars according to The Tonight Show

The driverless automobile is something that is already a reality, if we’re honest, we’re just in the initial period before an innovation smooths out as many details as possible prior to being subjected to the test of cultural mainstream acceptance (Sorry, Google Glass). In a recent segment of The Tonight Show, host Jimmy Fallon outlines some of the realities we can expect from autonomous driving with the show’s “pros and cons’ bit.

For instance, the first pro is that auto-pilot will allow operators to eat, talk on the phone or apply makeup while driving, to which the con is “… so basically what you’re already doing.” It’s true: this technology is born out of our habitual, distracting behavior. Relinquishing the wheel to an auto-pilot brings a heretofore unseen level of safety to the morning egg McMuffin.

Audi A7 prototype
One of the autonomous Audi A7 prototypes traveling from California to CES in Las Vegas.

While the bit is at best chuckle-worthy, the scenarios mentioned are bound to end up in some future news headline. It’ll be interesting to see how the new tech will allow for more distinct, elaborate and violent “driver-to-driver communication” in road rage incidents as well as the tales of on-the-go amorous encounters we’re bound to hear/experience/witness during rush hour.

The routine ends citing the Audi A7 as the most advanced automated vehicle so far, which is a fair statement considering its over 500-mile self driving demonstration Audi embarked upon for this year’s CES show in Las Vegas.

Hopefully, things won’t change so much that Car and Driver will be forced to change its name to just “Car,” but we’re certain to see real changes in our relationship with the automobile that we’ve only really begun to envision.