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Raven’s all-in-one IoT solution gives your car a brainpower boost

Staying safe on the road is always of the utmost importance, especially now as the roads become slicker and icier with the arrival of the cold. And just in time for this driver-unfriendly weather is a driver-friendly car solution. Meet Raven, heralded as “the all-in-one connected car solution for drivers and their families.”

A tool with rather comprehensive features, this little device sits atop your dashboard or on your windshield, and offers everything from on-road assistance and alerts to 24/7 monitoring. So even if you didn’t buy one of those little smart cars, rest assured that Raven will make sure your car is smart.

“We’re proud to bring this product to market just in time for winter weather and the holidays,” said Russell Ure, CEO of Klashwerks, the maker of Raven. “Using IoT and connected car technology, Raven helps drivers become smarter and safer on the road and provides confidence and peace-of-mind to car owners, drivers and their loved ones.”

Pairing a sleek piece of hardware with a smartphone app, Raven allows you to keep an eye on road conditions, the security of your car, and even the whereabouts of your loved ones. Based on 4G LTE, the constantly connected system can help you navigate an unfamiliar city, or alert you when you’re going over the speed limit. And to distract you as little as possible, the Raven can easily be installed at eye level, and controlled using hand gestures.

Thanks to its security sensors, Raven and its companion app will immediately let you know if your car is hit, broken into, or stolen. Plus, the device’s dash and cabin cameras will allow you to record and watch time-lapses and HD videos. Of course, you can also use the Raven as a 21st-century GPS device — receive next-turn navigation and real time information about traffic, weather, and more. And if you’re taking the road trip of a lifetime and want to share all the best footage with your friends and family, Raven’s social sharing capabilities allow for that to happen as well.

Currently available for pre-order at Raven’s website, the device is selling for a discounted price of $269. Units are expected to begin shipping to early birds in February of next year.

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