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‘Ride The Future Tour’ aims to set three EV Guinness World Records, will take 43 days to do it

Nissan LEAF

Although it’s been done before, the “Ride The Future Tour” aims travel almost 3,000 miles in 43 days from North Carolina to the Google headquarters in California with stops along the way at major cities to recharge and build publicity.

The trip will not only bring attention to EVs, it’ll also aim to break three Guinness World Records: “longest journey on an electric scooter,” “longest journey on an electric motorcycle,” and “longest journey in an electric car,” according to the Christian Science Monitor.

Additional to its press junkets, the tour will also produce a documentary for the trip, which if done right could be sort of interesting. While we like the idea, generally, we wonder if the aim is less about the cars than it is about the egos behind the wheels.

Is a cross-country trip over 43 days in electric cars really that noteworthy? We’re not convinced. Do it in three weeks; and you’ll have us talking. Do it in three days and we’ll shout “the (EV) future is now!”

Starting July 4th you can keep tabs on the spotlight-seeking Ride The Future Tour through their website:

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