Hellcat calling: Dodge releases the world’s most powerful production ringtone

When the movie theater says, ‘Please turn off your cellphones and mobile devices,’ this is the type of thing they’re talking about.

Dodge has just released a free, speaker-shattering ringtone of the 2015 Dodge Challenger Hellcat. In the ten-second clip, you can hear the Challenger’s 707 throaty ponies rev up slowly and then unleash onto the pavement, basked in an audial cocktail of shredding tires, whining superchargers, and impending speeding tickets.

It sounds absolutely demonic, but, as we know, the Hellcat has the bite to go with its bark.

“When you name an engine ‘Hellcat,’ it had better have the performance to back it up and a sound that wakes up the devil,” said Tim Kuniskis, Dodge CEO. “The Hellcat’s signature sound is the unholy union of supercharger whine and 5.5 inches of unrestricted exhaust. Dodge/SRT fans can now make heads turn and people stop in their tracks, every time their phones ring.”

So you may drive a Prius, but at least your phone sounds mean.

The ringtone is available for Apple, Android and Blackberry mobile devices at www.drivesrt.com/hellcatringtone. Dodge has also made smartphone wallpaper images of the Challenger available there.

To continue the Hellcat’s handheld invasion, Dodge has posted a three-dimensional augmented reality app called “Dodge Revolution”, where enthusiasts can customize their Hellcat’s aesthetics. Wheels and exterior colors can be swapped, and virtual tours are part of the experience. Fans can also race their Hellcats on a virtual drag strip.

The supercharged, 6.2-liter V8-powered Challenger is the most powerful muscle car ever, and has the highest output of any vehicle in Dodge’s history. The impressive specs go beyond the engine bay, though; the Hellcat will lay down an 11.2-second quarter mile time and uses 1.5 gallons of fuel every minute. The Challenger Hellcat is currently in production and will start at $59,995.