Sarah McLachlan is saving mutts again, but this time with Audi. Wait. What?

sarah mclachlan saving mutts time audi wait doberhuahua teaser 1

Imagine my surprise this morning when I groggily open up my email inbox to find an email from the Audi PR team with a link to a Sarah McLachlan Super Bowl video. Not quite the paring I was expecting. Iron Man? Sure. Sarah McLachlan? Huh?

If you’ve turned on a TV in the last half-decade, you’ve surely seen Sarah McLachlan’s animal cruelty videos. No, not the how-to videos, the ones where she’s asking for your support of the SPCA. If you’ve not seen them, check them out. They’re tearjerkers.

Now Audi’s ad people have taken that idea and run with it. They’ve gotten Ms. McLachlan to ask for your support of some tiny dogs with big heads called the “Doberhuahua”.

What it has to do with Audi? I haven’t the foggiest. But I am sure keen to find out.

Really, though, there’s got to be a big, big payoff for this not to seem like a big waste of time. The dog puppets are kind of crappy looking, and there’s not much funny going on in the teaser video.

The ad folks better have pulled out all the stops for the full spot or I am going to be very cross that I spend a few minutes writing this post.

Let me, then, open the floor up to you, the fine readers of Digital Trends.

Where do you think these ads are headed? Are they teasing a bigheaded, all-new Audi TT? Or simply just trying to use irreverence to get Audi stuck in our minds? Tell us in the comments