Subaru announces AT&T 4G LTE and Sirius XM Connected Vehicle Services for 2016 models

Subaru Starlink

Subaru is expanding the capability of its Starlink infotainment platform with a pair of new partnerships.

The Japanese carmaker will offer Sirius XM Connected Vehicle Services and AT&T 4G LTE connectivity in certain 2016 model-year vehicles.

This not only allows Subaru to join the in-car telematics game with the Sirius XM-curated services, but also ensures those services will be consistently available by using AT&T’s network.

It’s an arrangement similar to what we’ve seen with General Motors’ OnStar 4G LTE, which uses AT&T 4G to add capability to GM’s in-house OnStar service.

Subaru will offer similar safety and convenience services through Sirius XM, including remote locking and unlocking via smartphone, stolen vehicle recovery, and automatic collision notification.

GM also equips cars with Wi-Fi hotspots that allow occupants to use phones and tablets as if they were sitting n their living rooms. Subaru hasn’t confirmed whether it will make that feature available as well.

The 4G connection will likely require customers to purchase a data plan, but Subaru hasn’t released any details on that either. That will probably have to wait until later this year, when the 2016 models equipped with the service area ready to ship to dealers.