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Is Subaru bringing back the WRX hatchback?

subaru bringing back wrx hatchback sedans far superior wagon2

The 2015 Subaru WRX is, “For the money … perhaps the best handling, most fun car on the market of any segment.”

So why on earth, would Subaru change up its excellent platform? Rumor has it that Subaru might build a WRX hatchback. 

According to the Australian website, Motoring, Subaru is considering the idea. Honestly, that thought is as farfetched as the flight to kangaroo land. 

Subaru’s WRX Project General Manager, Masuo Takatsu, stated that “We have received strong interest from the US, where the hatchback was 50 per cent (of previous-generation WRX sales), so we’re now considering.” 

Yes, Subaru may be “considering” the idea, but realistically there is no solid reason as to why Subaru will produce a hatchback. Limited engineering resources are at the heart of the problem, and Suby already offers some excellent wagons: the Crosstrek and Outback.

Don’t get us wrong, reviving something like the WRX Wagon is a welcome thought, just not entirely feasible. 

(Photo credit: X-Tomi)

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