The Subaru Forester STI tS concept lands in Japan, but its beauty is skin deep

Consider this an open letter to Subaru: People do not buy STIs because they like fancy badges and blue paint. Well, maybe some do, but that’s not why we’re here. What’s with all the teasing?

First, we were tantalized by endless rumors of an STI BRZ, and the collective minds of gearheads everywhere wandered to the possibility of 305-horsepower sideways bliss. We hoped and we dreamed, but eventually (and unfortunately), the company put the kabosh on it.

Then, after all our pontificating, the company announced a Series.Blue version of the aforementioned BRZ. Imagine our excitement, sweaty palms and all, when we saw the letters “STI” spelled out on the car’s wheels. It was then, however, that we found out the beauty was only skin deep on the BRZ. Imagine our disappointment.

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Japanese news source Response is reporting on yet another iteration of forced-induced foreplay, as the Forester STI tS concept just landed in Japan. Like the BRZ, however, the STI goodies stop at the superficial.

The sporty SUV wears a full STI-branded bodykit that features a new front splitter and a new rear spoiler. The tS concept rides on new wheels as well, and, of course, is finished with the striking STI blue paint.

There may be some light modifications to the Forester’s suspension, but these reports are unconfirmed for now.

If there is a silver lining to this story it’s this: Subaru reportedly built this concept to gauge potential customer response to a legitimate Forester STI. So share some photos, email Subaru, and call your congressmen. Let’s get this car made, with a proper STI engine please.

(Photos via Response)