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Swincar’s electric concept conquers uneven terrain with four independent limbs

As a driver, staying out of the ditch should always be at the top of your to-do list. Not in the Swincar though, because the French electric concept vehicle was made to conquer crazy terrain and look even crazier doing it.

The unique off-roader employs a bizarre spider-like layout that includes four separate limbs, independent suspension, and four hub-mounted electric motors. With each wheel pivoting on a dedicated crossbeam, the lightweight ATV zips through trenches, over moguls, and through uneven bends at extreme angles with ease.

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It’s capable of this because of a design that Swincar calls pendulum tilt curve, which allows the vehicle to lean into corners like a motorcycle while articulating its wheels on a longitudinal axis. It’s also extremely lightweight due to its machined aluminum construction, which helps it maintain stability on unstable slopes.

With each motor producing between 1 and 1.5 kW (1.3 to 2 horsepower), the four-wheel drive Swincar is not a powerful vehicle. But at just 310 pounds, it doesn’t need to be. It’s capable of a top speed of about 25 mph, can scale a 70-percent gradient, can recharge in about two hours, and although the company doesn’t specify range — the Swincar can drive for around four hours per charge. It conquers obstacles like a mountain goat carves corners like a motorbike, and its surreal aesthetics make it the most unique vehicle this side of an Chainlink Extreme 4×4.

The Swincar has been in production for eight years, and though it’s not quite production-ready, the company says road homologation is in progress for the end of the year. Once the “standard” version gains some traction, Swincar says it will build a two-seat model and a version with joystick controls for customers with reduced mobility. Can we get an invite to the launch event, please?

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