That’s not gone well: Ferrari 360 Modena spins out and rolls down Malibu hillside

There comes a time in every person’s life where they are in an upside down Ferrari, wondering what the hell just happened to them … okay so maybe that just happens to playboys. But sadly, for the car at least, that is exactly what happened to the driver of a Ferrari 360 Modena.

The video captures a terrible but compelling scene somewhere in Malibu. The supercar heads down a stretch of road before spinning out, hitting a tree so hard that it must have owed the driver money, and then unceremoniously rolling over into the bottom of a ditch. Thankfully, the driver of the Ferrari escaped with only minor injuries, and the passenger was unhurt – let’s hear it for Italian engineering!

On the one hand, it is impressive that the driver managed to lose control of the car while going perfectly straight. On the other hand, there are plenty of people who say that the Modena was dubbed the 360 for a reason.

The Modena came in a golden age of driver’s cars and playboy crashes: all of the modern wonders of power and lightness without any electronic nannies to keep it in line. The result was a thoroughbred so taught and twitchy that one English Premier League footballer flipped his going through a roundabout.

So while it is likely that the driver of this particular Modena simply had more money than skill and was trying to impress his passenger, we will be charitable and say that he just sneezed especially violently.