You’re doing it wrong: Georgia man demonstrates how not to nap roadside

the internets got everything now including a bizarre sleeping hit and run georgia truck nap

Some mornings you wake up knowing that today just isn’t your day. Other days you wake up on the side of the road and your brain just isn’t what you would call “functioning.”

A Georgia man made sure to share his bad day with others this weekend when he awoke on the side of the road and proceeded to use his heavy duty Ram truck as,well, a battering-ram before fleeing over a wire fence. 

The video comes from a local news crew that was for some reason filming the stopped truck on the side of the highway. The closeups of the drooling man would have made any cameraman’s day. But when a Georgia DOT worker showed up, the side-of-the-road-sleeper woke up and began acting rather squirrely. 

After the DOT worker goes back to his truck, the napper fires up his truck and plows – without stopping or even appearing to slow down – into the slowed traffic ahead.

The DOT worker then approaches and thankfully gets the keys away, but wisely stops short of trying to restrain the man as he performs one of the oddest runs in history up the highway embankment and vaults a fence – at half speed. Monty Python’s ministry of silly walks has nothing on this man.

Police haven’t been able to find the man responsible. The DOT worker told reporters at WSB-TV that the man didn’t smell of alcohol but instead reminded him of a diabetic with extremely low blood sugar.

Thankfully, no one appeared to be injured.