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The McLaren P1 performance figures are finally made public – and they’re almost too hot to handle

McLaren has been stringing us along the last several weeks, teasing tidbits of its new P1 supercar every few days. Today, however, is the last – and perhaps most exciting – of the releases: the performance figures.

We’ve told you about the carbon fiber construction and the new hybrid drivetrain but none of that painstaking detail meant much until we learned how fast it goes and how much it’ll cost. Both figures, it turns out, are staggering.

The McLaren P1, which will officially be unveiled to the world in Geneva next month, will cost $1.3-million. McLaren will only build 375 total units and brags that anytime one is seen on the streets, it’ll remain an unforgettable sight.

The 903 horsepower 3.8-liter twin turbocharged V8 along with its powerful electric motor pairing will push the P1 from 0-62 MPH in three seconds. The P1 will also hit 0-186 MPH in 17 seconds and onto an electronically limited top speed of 217 MPH. While these numbers are exciting to read and write about, we can’t even begin to fathom how these kinds of performance figures translate into real-world driving.

For straight-line performance, McLaren has included Formula One-inspired Drag Reduction System (DRS) technology onto the P1.

McLaren has made some special performance partnerships along the way, giving the P1 some distinctive performance components. The Pirelli tires have been specially designed alongside the P1 from the get-go. The P Zero Corsas ensure the P1 has exceptional grip in every environment.

Bringing the P1 to a quick stop are specially designed brakes from Akebono. The brake system features a new kind of carbon ceramic material that proves much stronger than conventional carbon ceramics.

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