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TomTom’s Trucker 5000 is specifically suited for big and tall driving

TomTom Trucker 5000
Driving a tractor-trailer is difficult enough, so the last thing a trucker needs is to be caught by surprise by a low-hanging bridge or weight-restricted road. Semis simply can’t go all the places smaller vehicles can, but there’s a new device to help big-rig operators navigate through the tough spots.

It’s made by Dutch company TomTom, and it’s been appropriately dubbed the Trucker 5000. Announced at the 2015 IFA show, the Trucker 5000 is a GPS navigation unit that customizes its routes based on vehicle type, size, weight, cargo, and speed. All the user has to do is type in the specs on the 5-inch screen, and the Trucker 5000 does the rest.

Once the route has been selected, the device will inform the driver about speed cameras and traffic conditions, displaying exactly where the areas of concern are located so the operator can plan ahead. TomTom also uses this information to generate an ETA, something that is essential when shuttling parts and goods across town. The Active Lane Guidance feature helps you stay on the right path as well, posting helpful notifications about which lane to take.

TomTom Trucker 5000

Interfacing with the controls looks like a snap, as the touchscreen boasts pinch, zoom, and swipe capabilities. In addition, the Speak & Go function offers voice control capabilities, and the Trucker 5000 come with free maps for life, which are updated four times each year.

After your day’s work is done, simply flip the vehicle type back to normal and the Trucker 5000 will work like any other GPS in a passenger car. The product is currently available for a shade under $400 on the TomTom website. Want a something a little bigger? Try the Trucker 6000, which equips a larger 6-inch screen.

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