Top down, pulse up: Alfa Romeo confirms 4C Spider in Paris

If topless Italian sports cars make your heart race, i.e. if you’re alive, get some baby aspirin handy: the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider is coming. 

The 4C has won awards – and hearts – all over the world since it debuted as a concept back in 2011. Earlier this year, Alfa previewed the drop-top 4C Spider as a concept at the Geneva Auto Show. Now, six months and 350 miles away, the Italian brand has finally made the model official at the Paris Motor Show.

The chariot currently being showcased in Paris is officially dubbed the 4C Spider preview version, hinting that there are some changes Alfa may still need to make. The company teased “distinctive elements and aesthetic treatments” for the car in its press release, exclusive Triple Coat Glossy White paint being one of them.

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The mid-engine’d speedster has also forgone the insectoid headlamps in favor of more conventional units, but to be honest, the change dulls up the front end a bit.

Any time a vehicle transitions from hardtop to no top, there are concerns about structural rigidity. To combat this, Alfa Romeo has added a carbon fiber roll bar and windshield surround to the car, while the roof remains a lightweight soft-top.

Speaking of lightweight, which is a main selling point of the 4C, Alfa claims the Spider will weigh about 132 pounds more than the coupe, which already had 220 lbs tacked on for the North American version. Still, with a starting point of less than 2000 lbs, the little 4C should be plenty spry. Engine choices will also remain the same, with a 1.7-liter turbo four producing 237 horsepower.

Enhancing the top down experience, however, is a new dual-stage exhaust system, which features carbon and titanium tailpipes fitted with electric, sonic-shaping valves.

At the end of the day, there’s just something special about a prancing Italian sports car and the wind in your hair. Production for the 4C Spider is scheduled to commence in early 2015.