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Tough times at Wayne Manor: Lamborghini Veneno Roadster for sale at $6.2 million

The Lamborghini Veneno is just one of those cars that just doesn’t seem real, no matter how many times you look at it.

The monstrous roadster is loud in more ways than one, with aerodynamic additions so radical that it makes a F-117 stealth fighter look plain in comparison.

Only 9 models of the Aventador-based Veneno Roadster were built by Lamborghini, and now, according to Motor Authority, one of them is up for sale in Germany. The cost for near unparalleled-exclusivity? A cool €4,789,915 ($6,198,676), or roughly 15 Aventadors.

Those who’ve paid attention to the body armor-laden Veneno since its 2013 debut will notice that the asking price includes a pretty hefty dealer markup; the ‘standard’ Veneno costs a still-enormous €3,470,000 ($4,500,000). Shopping around could normally help soften the blow, but given that there are only a handful of these cars worldwide, you might be stuck with sticker shock.

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The Veneno uses the same 6.5-liter V12 as the Aventador, but it’s been boosted from 690 horsepower to 750 hp. That’s enough to push the 3,278-pound roadster from 0 to 60 mph in just 2.9 seconds. Flat out, it’ll do 221 mph.

The car also features an advanced array of racing technology, such as a quick-shifting ISR semi-auto transmission with five different modes, permanent all-wheel drive, pushrod suspension, and horizontal damper units.

The aesthetic design may look like something out of a comic book, but Lamborghini assures that each fin, diffuser, and wing was designed specifically for perfect airflow. The protruding fenders, huge front wing, and enormous rear spoiler all provide exceptional downforce, and even the wheels were designed with function in mind.

Lambo says a carbon-fiber ring around each alloy works like a turbine to funnel cooling air to the carbon-fiber brake discs.

Now, to perfect those dealer negotiations …

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