Lexani’s armored Toyota Land Cruiser is a luxury doomsday bunker on wheels

Lexani has shown an impressive appetite for excess with vehicles like the Concept One Curve Cadillac Escalade, and now it’s back with another thoroughly-modified SUV. This latest effort may not look that flashy on the outside, but it packs a few surprises.

That’s because the vehicle was created by converting this Toyota Land Cruiser into one of the most luxurious vehicles on the road, and one that just happens to be bulletproof.

The interior was remodeled into something resembling a small nightclub, with a pair of sofa-like power-adjustable leather seats, a huge flatscreen, and a bar. The roof is raised and covered in lights to ensure occupants will never spill their champagne on the carpets due to a lack of illumination.

And you can take the party to the streets of Mogadishu thanks to the Land Cruiser’s B6-level armoring. That’s enough to stop small arms fire, even if it’s inadequate for more powerful weapons.

There are a few other armored vehicles available to the paranoid hedge-fund managers of the world, but the Land Cruiser may have one advantage that this armada of Escalades, Audis, and Mercedes-Benz models lack: stealth.

The Land Cruiser’s styling and its Toyota badge probably won’t attract as much attention as one of the flashier vehicles from a more prestigious brand. Despite being around for over 50 years and casting the shadow of a small apartment building, Toyota’s biggest SUV is so anonymous that you’d be forgiven for forgetting Toyota still makes it.

And unlike a full-size sedan or many other current SUVs, the Land Cruiser also has the off-road ability to ensure a good selection of escape routes. Granted, it’s unlikely the added weight of armor and an onboard bar will improve performance.

With armored protection on the outside and plenty of luxury and booze on the inside, it’s hard to see why anyone would ever want to get out of this SUV. It’s like a high-end doomsday bunker on wheels.

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