Track-day for Batman! Watch a Lamborghini test driver cane the Veneno coupe on the track

It’s good to see Bruce Wayne getting away from Gotham for the weekend to take one of his toys for a spin. Wait a second … that’s not Batman; it is just a Lamborghini test driver taking the Veneno coupe for a spin on the track. Oh well.

Really though, watching someone cane the Veneno on a very wet Vallelunga track is just about as exciting as seeing the caped crusader in his own hypercar. This video comes from Supercar spotter and all-round weirdo Shmee 150, who we have previously seen pretending to cook a turkey on a different Lambo.

The Veneno, though, is a cut above just another supercar. Only four Veneno coupes were built, and each of the three that were sold cost a sweet $4,000,000. The one we see in the video belongs to Lamborghini, and its track-day outing was to help woo customers for the release of the Veneno Roadster.

And let me tell you; if what we see in this video is any indication of what it would be like to own a Veneno roadster, then you can sign me up for one now. When the driver of the Veneno stamps on the throttle as he goes down the pitlane, the sound is, well, incredible. It sounds like Thor, god of thunder, is roaring as he is being fed into the turbines of an F-22 Raptor. And, as I already suggested, the Veneno looks more like it belongs in comic book than the real everyday world.

Good news for all of us that were won over by Lambo’s marketing: Lamborghini is planning on a much, much larger run of Roadsters … nine of them, in fact. But don’t worry; they are a steal at just $4,500,000.