TVR gears up for re-launch with four new sports cars and the same V8-powered formula

It’s been almost ten years since British sports car manufacturer TVR has produced a new vehicle. Known for being the UK equivalent of a muscle car, TVR has been promising a new model for a long time now, and finally the pieces are coming together.

Autocar conducted an interview with the automaker’s new financial backers and the chief engineer of TVR’s new model. Here’s the most exciting bit first: TVR isn’t just planning one new car, but four new models starting in 2017.

The idea is to re-affirm TVR as a performance-first, driver-centric brand. To do that, TVR plans to appeal to current TVR fans, while bringing new ones into the fold with exciting new sports cars that are looking for an “affordable supercar.” “We are a well-funded, well-supported organisation that boasts a vastly experienced management team and a clear 10-year master plan for both product and business development,” said TVR operations director John Chasey. Each of TVR’s new owners is tied to the world of sports car racing, especially Le Mans, so expect future special editions and programs to be tailored to buyers who love track days.

Two new models have already been designed and will come in coupe and convertible. Expect dimensions of new models to mimic those of the mid-2000’s like the Tuscan and Sagaris (think endless hood, light weight, 6-speed manual gearboxes, big V8’s, and a front-mid-engine layout). The engine of choice will be developed by Cosworth, where the manufacturer designs its Formula 1 motors. The foundation will likely be the Ford Mustang’s 415 horsepower V8, tuned to between 450 and 470 hp.

Production will use all new methods, including “iStream manufacturing,” which simplifies car construction and reduces the size of assembly plant infrastructure while improving crash protection and chassis rigidity. A new factory site hasn’t been set yet, but with a new model coming in 2017, expect that to be taken care of very soon.

The new models will use tubular steel frames with composite panels to add rigidity, the bodies will be made from aluminum and other composite materials. Target weight for the sports cars. is around 2,400 pounds. No names have been announced yet, but Autocar estimates Griffith or Grantura will be pulled out of the TVR vault and applied to one of the four new models.

While we still won’t see any TVR’s stateside, the prospects of more V8-powered rear-wheel drive sports cars always arousing enthusiast interest.