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Uber may soon turn into your personalized mini convenience store

Taking an Uber may soon be an all-inclusive experience. The transportation giant recently partnered with Cargo, the startup that offers in-car shopping experiences to those on the move. With this new globe-spanning collaboration, Cargo will be offering Uber customers products like snacks, beverages, electronics, and even beauty products, all while on the go.

Uber drivers now have the option to register with Cargo and retrieve a box of products at select driver onboarding and support centers, called Uber Greenlight Hubs, in both San Francisco and Los Angeles (we can only assume that more locations will soon be added). They will then be able to sell these goodies to their passengers, and earn commissions, referrals, and performance bonuses through Cargo. Basically, this partnership gives Uber drivers two opportunities to make money at the same time.

In the year since Cargo launched, the company claims that 7,000 participating drivers have earned more than $1 million by distributing more than  1 million products to passengers in major cities like New York, Boston, Minneapolis, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, and Dallas.

“Because of companies like Uber, people spend more passenger time in cars than ever before,” Cargo CEO Jeff Cripe said in a statement. “This opened the door for Cargo to create an unparalleled level of convenience for a generation of people on the move, and our partnership with Uber will play an important role in making that vision reality.”

Cargo will customize the product offerings by the market, as well as the season and time of day in order to provide options that customers might actually benefit from. For example, folks in San Francisco and L.A. will have the option to buy earplugs, fruit and protein bars, mints, face masks, iced tea, and lip balm.

“It’s always a pleasant surprise when you’re in an Uber and the driver offers you a bottle of water or a piece of gum, but up to this point, these perks have usually been on the driver’s dime,” Uber’s Keith Hensley said in a statement. “Cargo took note of this and created an innovative model that aims to bring new value to riders and drivers. We’re looking forward to working with Cargo to develop and scale in a way that makes the most sense for our customers.”

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