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Uber’s new Family Profiles service lets you pay for up to 10 people’s rides

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Uber customers have been asking for a simple, safe way to pay for family and friends’ rides for some time, and today, the brand responded with a new service called Family Profiles. Launching initially in Atlanta, Phoenix, and Dallas, Family Profiles lets up to 10 people share a single payment method, which will surely give parents peace of mind when they’re too busy to pick up their little angels in person.

Blood relation isn’t a requirement with Family Profiles though, because as Uber says, “We let you decide who is family. It’s a great way to help loved ones, friends, or coworkers get where they want to go while you foot the bill. Whether you’re a parent with kids away at college or a daughter wanting to help your parents maintain their independence, it’s never been easier to share some Uber love around to the people that matter most in your life.”

To set up Family Profiles, Uber customers simply go to the Settings menu on the app and scroll down to “Add a Family Profile.” Then, they can select which contacts they’d like to add, and wait for the Family Profile rider to accept their invitation via email. From there, users can request rides using the Family Profile option as their payment method.

Uber also introduced the highly-anticipated UberEats app this week, which allows customers to satisfy their culinary cravings from a number of eateries in Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Toronto. UberEats includes hundreds of local restaurants that can ferry sustenance to your home in 30 to 40 minutes, but if your need for munchies reaches an emergency level, there’s an Instant Delivery option that reduces transit time to about 10 minutes.

We only have one question — is there a Family Profile payment denial option?

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