Brits love V8 manual Ford Mustangs, and Shelby is on its way to crank things up

2015 Ford Mustang

The latest-generation Ford Mustang is the first to be offered across the pond, including a right-hand drive model for the U.K. market. Seems like an odd choice for such an iconic American car, but guess what? They’re loving it.

Ford vehicles have been sold across the globe for decades, but now more than ever, the automaker feels like an international company than just a big American one with a far reach. This is thanks to the brand unifying its lineup and making “one Ford,” selling the same car to both U.S. and European interests. There are some exceptions (the U.S. doesn’t get the Ranger pickup, for example), but the times are a-changing, and the Mustang is leading the charge.

2015 Ford Mustang

According to a statement released by Ford’s U.K. branch, Brits are lining up for their own horsepower heavy muscle car. So far, 70 percent of U.K. buyers have opted for the 410 horsepower, 5.0-liter V8 and 60 percent have chosen the six-speed manual over the automatic transmission. We knew there was something about those guys we liked.

Almost all of them have been of the fastback coupe variety and the most popular color is Race Red, much to the surprise of nobody.

Mustang’s overseas stampede will only grow from here as well. Famous Mustang tuning house Shelby has begun signing up partnerships overseas, according to Automotive News. Shelby plans to sell cars and aftermarket parts, and set up licensed workshops so the cars built there are done so by proper Shelby-trained technicians.

The U.K. — currently bursting with Mustang love — will most certainly have a Shelby presence, as will Australia, China, and South Africa.