UP Vittoria Concept features a winning design and triple hybrid-drivetrain

Italian’s are known for many things: Great art, amazing food, fine wines, impeccable fashion sense, and of course, an undeniably rich legacy of exotic supercars that have over the years set the standard for virtually all others to follow.

So when we came across the Vittoria concept (Vittoria is the Italian word for victory) we weren’t surprised to learn that it is the collective work of Italian studio UP Design, headed by founder Umberto Palermo.

The first thing you might notice about the Vittoria is its winning design. While the design is intrinsically unusual, we find that to be a huge part of the appeal. The Vittoria features a two-tone color scheme that wraps around the upper and lower segments of its frame — creating an U-like shape in the process and cutting an impressive figure.

One of the other more standout features of the Vittoria is its truly dazzling array of elaborately placed LED lights. And unlike many of the new cars on or coming to market, the Vittoria features a uniquely dome-shaped windshield that, in combination with its spectacular lighting, gives it a decidedly futuristic vibe.

Of course a pretty face will only get you so far, which is where we find the Vittoria to be most intriguing. Powering the Italian beauty is a hybrid drivetrain that can operate on three separate settings: All-electric, which utilizes a rear-mounted electric motor that sends power to the rear wheels, traditional gasoline-powered combustion V8-engine, or finally a combination of the two designed to provide the maximum amount of power. There is also a regenerative breaking system that helps charge the electric batteries when breaking.

Our hats are off to Palermo and his design team at UP, the Vittoria is a definitive reminder of why Italians are so fabled for their automotive genius, and we think the Vittoria could truly grow into something special if given the chance. But even though the Vittoria is only a concept, there are rumblings that it might actually make its way to a small production run, and while we think that would be amazing, we’re not holding our breath.