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Victory Racing finishes second at the TT Zero race on the Isle of Man

Isle of Man TT Zero Podium
Victory Racing’s RR electric racing motorcycle took second place at the 2016 SES TT Zero race on the Isle of Man, marking the team’s second consecutive podium finish. According to a press release, racer William Dunlop’s 115.844 mph lap put him just behind team Mugen, whose rider Bruce Anstey took first place at 118.416 mph.

Victory Racing Wiliam Dunlop

“I’m really happy with the result today. I could really feel the difference in the Victory RR this year — it’s a massive step forward,” said Dunlop at the conclusion of the race. “The bike has a really, really good motor, and massive respect to the Victory Racing boys for putting such a good bike together.”

At last year’s race, Victory’s Lee Johnston placed third at 111.620 mph, so this year’s performance saw significant progress.

Victory RR Motorcycle

The Victory RR race bike also logged the fastest top speed in its class at 159.8 mph through the Sulby Speed trap and across the Grandstand at 143.11 mph. The fastest ICE racers pass through Sulby between 190 and 200 mph, so it’s only a matter of time before electricity catches up.

Both the Victory RR and Empulse RR are being used to test out ideas for Victory’s future machines. The Empulse will be raced at Pikes Peak later this month.

Victory Racing RRVictory’s electric racers are powered by the GVM (Global Vehicle Motor) electric motor from Parker, and one representative from the company conveyed its excitement. “I am proud to be associated with this professional group of people. They work so hard and the results are well-deserved. Parker is happy that our GVM motors help power these fantastic machines around the course,” said Kevin Holloway, Parker’s U.S.-based strategic account manager. “To hear William [Dunlop] say the bike has a really, really good motor is music to my ears. We are looking forward to moving up one more step next year!”

The annual TT Zero inaugural race began in 2010 for motorcycles that don’t use carbon-based fuels and have zero toxic/noxious emissions.

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