VIDEO: Volvo’s big secret is revealed after Swedish House Mafia teasers

Volvo XC60Well, it doesn’t seem like our hopes that Volvo was gearing up to offer an all-expense paid trip to Sweden to hang out with Swedish House Mafia is  going to pan out.

However, speculation that its “World Premiere” featuring the DJ trio Sebastian Ingrosso, Steve Angello and Axwell was aimed at promoting a new vehicle was correct – although we have to credit that insight to Left Lane news.

After building anticipation on the website, Leave the World Behind, it was finally unveiled that the centerpiece of the Volvo campaign was the new XC60.

The video campaign, which features a new tune by Lune (pronounced “Lynne”), is intended to showcase the crossover as an adventurous vehicle that allows drivers to escape the hectic life of the city.   

“All Volvo’s XC cars are designed around people’s wish to get out there and to leave your everyday life behind for a while. So we were thinking of people who really wanted to leave the world behind for a while and came to think of the members of the Swedish House Mafia,” said Per Carleö, marketing manager at Volvo, in a press release statement.

Now, if we could only convince Volvo that it’d be easier to grasp that concept touring Sweden in the new XC60 to the sounds of Lune, someone (say, you and DT perhaps) might still be able to cash in on that trip.

Sound like a plan? Because we’d like to see some of the that incredible scenery. Take a look at the video: