We scratch our heads as GM works to re-trademark ‘Chevelle’ nameplate; thankful it’s not the ‘Chevette’

Chevy Chevelle

Just yesterday we reported how GM seemed to be modernizing with a hefty investment in new small, efficient engines and more eight-speed automatic transmissions. Then today we learn that the American automaker is also working to trademark the “Chevelle” moniker.

As fellow automotive journalist Richard Porter said about GM in his Crap Cars book, “God bless General Motors and its amazing ability to shuttle widely between technology that was either stubbornly old-fashioned or inadvisably advanced.”

While Porter was speaking specifically about technological advances, we feel the sentiment works across the board. Why on earth does Chevy need another performance coupe, especially one like the lumbering old Chevelle beast?


As GMAuthority speculates, the CODE 130R concept (pictured above) from last year could become the new Camaro in a few years, while a larger coupe could become the Chevelle. Is [there] enough market demand for two performance coupes (three, if you count the Corvette) in the Chevy line?” GMAuthority asks.

Alternately, Chevrolet could be planning a rename of its new SS model when the latest iteration is launched in a few years. This isn’t a terrible idea, as the SS was a pretty lousy name to begin with. We just hope a new name would come with new, more dynamic bodylines to boot.

When it’s all said and done, we’re a bit frustrated with the 2016 Chevelle proposition. But if this is the direction Chevrolet wants to go, why not just resurrect the “Citation” nameplate as well?

What vintage nameplates would you like to see carmakers bring back? Leave a comment!