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Will Ford be the next carmaker to add Apple CarPlay and Android Auto?

The launch of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto would seem to have the makings of a rivalry, but many carmakers are simply opting for both.

That may be the route Ford takes if it decides to add brand-specific smartphone connectivity to its Sync 3 infotainment system, a new report says.

The Blue Oval will not only integrate both systems into upcoming models, it will also keep its own Sync AppLink feature, according to Car and Driver.

AppLink performs a similar function to CarPlay and Android Auto, allowing drivers to use the car’s built-in controls for smartphone apps.

The Apple and Android systems come with their own layers of brand-specific aesthetic and functional elements, but that only applies to buyers who have those respective phones.

That’s probably why Ford will keep AppLink as well. Unlike the two branded systems, it also doesn’t require a touchscreen. That means AppLink can be used in lower-priced models.

Sync 3 itself departs from the Microsoft architecture of previous Ford infotainment systems for Blackberry QNX. Ford claims it ironed out the clunkiness that has plagued these systems since their debut.

The new system rolls out on Ford models this year, and will be standard or optional on every U.S.-market vehicle by 2016.

As for CarPlay and Android Auto, Ford won’t confirm anything, but a recent report from The New York Times claims they could launch before the end of this year.

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