Wraith ‘Drophead’ isn’t slang for beheading, it’s Rolls-Royce speak for convertible

wraith drophead isnt slang beheading rolls royce speak convertible

If you were hoping the next Rolls-Royce you’d see come off the assembly line is the rumored SUV, you’re about to be sorely disappointed.

Before the bespoke British brand tackles any sort of sporting utility, it will first drop the top of its all-new Wraith by creating the Wraith Drophead Coupe for 2015.

If you weren’t already aware, ‘Drophead’ is Rolls speak for ‘convertible’. While it sounds a bit like murder at first murmuring, Drophead sounds far manlier than ‘Cabriolet’ or the shortened ‘Cabrio’. Whether it’s more macho than Spider or Spyder, though, I’ll let you decide.

The Wraith Drophead will borrow lines from the flagship Phantom Drophead Coupe. The Wraith is already a wondrous thing to behold and so the mental image of a convertible Wraith is heartwarming indeed.

The Wraith – the new, sporty Rolls – has already been successful bringing younger buyers to Rolls-Royce showrooms. “We have already had customers who own Ferraris come to us and place orders. They are not replacing their Ferraris, but they now see an alternative option, where they can travel quickly and with the ultimate luxury. That is very promising,” Rolls-Royce CEO Torsten Müller-Ötvö said in an interview with Autocar.

Just last weekend, we had a chance to get behind the wheel of the Wraith for a first drive. We’ll be posting our first drive report soon so if you’re a Rolls fan, you’ll wan to check that out.