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This voice-controlled smart dash cam automatically records accidents

Wish you could go back in time and record that car accident? The 70Mai Smart Dash Cam, currently a fully funded Indiegogo, is equipped with voice control to keep your eyes on the road while recording — and even automatically record accidents. The camera will be produced by Banya Tech with investment and support from Xiaomi Technology Ecological Chain Enterprises, bringing the camera under the China-based Xiaomi budget brand.

The 70Mai is designed for hands-free use while driving, thanks to artificial intelligence-based software. Voice control allows users to take pictures or video of the most scenic drives. The company says the camera, which will be available in both English and Chinese versions, is based on extensive A.I. training data that allows the system to understand accents, and to quickly respond to commands. The Chinese language option is already on the market while the Indiegogo campaign is funding the English version.

Voice control, however, isn’t necessary to record an accident. The 70Mai uses loop recording, which means it records everything and deletes everything when the user doesn’t use a command to take a picture or video. In the event of an accident, Xoami says the camera will automatically save that footage, preventing the loop from being overwritten, and saving the data for tasks like working with insurance companies and emergency responders.

Accidents and voice control is great, but only if you remember to turn the dash camera on — but Xaiomi appears to have thought of that, too. The camera charges through the cigarette lighter port in the vehicle, which allows the camera to automatically boot up when the car starts.

The 70Mai is equipped with a Sony-made sensor capable of recording 1080p HD videos with a 130-degree lens. A Wi-Fi connection connects the camera to a smartphone app for downloading shots or viewing video, since the camera itself doesn’t have an LCD screen. The dash cam is attached to the windshield using a electrostatic sticky pad.

And in keeping with Xiaomi’s earlier products, the company is claiming a price advantage over competitors. If the camera comes to retail markets, the cost is expected to be around $70, while Indiegogo backers can potentially pick up the camera for $39. The crowdfunding campaign has already met its goal five times over and the camera is already in production. The company expects shipments to the first backers in March, and the Indiegogo campaign will continue for another two weeks.

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