True to its name, Zendrive’s smartphone-based Accident Detection keeps drivers feeling calm

Zendrive Accident Detection

In the event of a crash, many new cars feature applications that can alert authorities with the touch of a button or a simple phrase. New software by San Francisco startup Zendrive can allow you to notify others no matter what you’re driving.

How does it work? By linking with the sensors embedded in modern smartphones, Zendrive’s software development kit (SDK) detects collisions and can be integrated into safety apps like to keep your circle informed if you get in a wreck.

The SDK only works when the vehicle is going over 30 mph, won’t be activated by hard braking, and can allow drivers to alert friends and family, insurance companies, tow trucks, or emergency services when merged with certain external apps.

“Tracking driver safety is an ongoing benefit of ZenFleets, but sometimes the need is for something more immediate,” said Jonathan Matus, Zendrive CEO. “When an accident occurs, you want to know about it instantly so you can make sure the driver gets the help they need or notify a loved one.”

“Fleet owners will eventually have the opportunity to mitigate insurance risk with the proper data collection,” continued Matus.

Zendrive is currently partnering with several applications and services including the aforementioned, eDriving, Luxe, and HopSkipDrive. Interested clients can try Accident Detection for free until June 15th, however only iOS applications are supported at this time. Android compatibility will go live soon.

“With this announcement, we’re targeting a number of industries, including the On Demand economy, driving schools, roadside assistance and towing companies, car dealerships, and more,” continued Matus. “Together, these industries span millions of drivers worldwide and we hope that Zendrive Accident Detection will have a meaningful impact on road safety globally.”