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You can finally use Adobe’s game-changing AI features in Photoshop, Premiere, and After Effects

Adobe is using AI to power up its apps and just announced even more upgrades to make photo and video editing faster than ever. Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects, and other Adobe apps are all getting AI enhancements.

AI image generation

A screenshot of Photoshop's AI image generation capabilities.
A screenshot of Photoshop’s AI image generation capabilities. Digital Trends

For Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe Express, and Firefly, the Adobe generative AI image creation and editing features that were once in beta have graduated to general release. Every Adobe customer now has access to these time-saving tools that can fill in the gaps in creative projects.

Adobe trained the Firefly model on licensed Adobe Stock images and will compensate contributors with annual bonuses. Adobe’s AI might be the only model trained on paid, licensed images, making Adobe apps appropriate for commercial work.

Adobe subscribers get an allotment of 100 to 3,000 generative credits, depending on the plan, and there’s also a free tier with 25 credits. You can add more credits when you run out or wait for the refresh next month.

If you’ve already been using the beta apps, there are no new features. The most exciting updates came to Adobe’s video apps.

AI-enhanced video and effects editing

Premiere Pro's AI text-based editing can quickly detect and remove filler words.
Premiere Pro’s AI text-based editing can quickly detect and remove filler words. dobe

We covered Premiere Pro’s AI-powered transcription and ability to reflect text edits on the timeline. Now, Adobe is taking this paradigm-shifting technology even further.

You can remove filler words and pauses with a couple of clicks, and pause length is customizable. Cleaning up long videos is quick and easy with this great feature.

Speech enhancement can correct poor audio when you’re forced to use the camera mic instead of a lavalier. Adobe explained Premiere Pro resynthesizes the voice using AI to eliminate background noise and dramatically improve speech quality. The original audio is still available, so you can mix in ambient sound when that’s important.

Not every update is about AI. Timeline performance is up to five times faster, and color controls have been enhanced, including a Quicktime Gamma fix. Premiere Pro also backs up rendered effects for automatic recovery, rounding out the upgrades to meet the most requested features.

After Effects receives a significant upgrade in rotoscoping capabilities with AI-enhanced selection and masking, dramatically speeding up this time-consuming process. A few quick brush strokes over the subject are enough for the AI to finish the rotoscoping across multiple frames.

If you use 3D models in After Effects, you’ll appreciate the new photo-real rendering with GPU acceleration. You can control lighting, import environment maps, import Substance 3D assets, and easily mix in 2D elements. users will enjoy the new side-by-side review process, allowing clients to see two versions at once and leave comments to share additional thoughts.

Beta versions of Adobe Premiere, After Effects, and are available now. You can find them in the Creative Cloud app.

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