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Premiere Pro has a new breakthrough feature to speed up editing

Adobe just announced a breakthrough in video editing with Premiere Pro that synchronizes changes from a transcript to the timeline, minimizing the time it takes to cut long interviews into targeted presentations.

In a press briefing before the announcement, Adobe shared an example of the new workflow, which looked almost effortless. The first step is to import video with auto-transcribe enabled. The transcription appears in a panel on the left.

Adobe Premiere Pro can now sync text edits and video edits.

Automatic transcription can identify multiple speakers, and you can add names to clarify who is speaking. You can also scroll through and scan the text or, for longer discussions, use the search capability in the new Premiere Pro to speed things up. The updated transcript can be used to generate captions, which is another great, time-saving feature.

Simply enter keywords or phrases to quickly locate particular clips without scrubbing through and playing portions of the video to find what you’re looking for. The old method could become a maddening chore when the video contains hours of talking heads without visual clues suggesting the current topic.

Beyond finding clips, Adobe greatly simplifies editing with the new Premiere Pro update. Cut, copy, and paste in the transcription, and the video timeline echoes those changes.

This new editing method works both ways, so you can also edit the video and see the changes in the transcription. Even better, it uses Adobe Sensei and processes on your computer without uploading potentially sensitive transcripts to the internet.

Synchronized text and video editing is the headline of this new update. Still, there are plenty of other changes, including automatic tone-mapping to correct mismatches between HDR content and your output settings, a growing problem during this transitionary period between SDR and HDR video.

Adobe says this version of Premiere Pro brings a number of other tweaks and new features, adding that this is the fastest and most stable version of the application ever

The new Premiere Pro is currently in beta testing and should be available for general release in May. Adobe also updated After Effects and with new features. For full details, visit Adobe’s website.

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